The correspondence of the staff who has done the construction of the custom house in Saitama is polite

Science Home East Japan, which undertakes the design of custom-made homes to suit the budget in Saitama, will provide services from the perspective of the customer. We cope with various construction requests such as comfortable wooden house and convenient two-family house.
We have created a staff page for those who want to know in advance what kind of staff are working at a construction company that builds custom homes in Saitama. A variety of information is posted, so please read it for reference if you have time.
We have acquired know-how on custom housing and architecture in Saitama, and we have prepared a support system to keep in touch with your heart, so please contact us when ordering. We consider first-hand the customer who requests it, and face each and every construction while improving the hospitality and technology. We will fully incorporate and design your request so that you can feel the healing effects of trees without leaving them and provide a relaxing space from the moment you come back.
Our staff, who have knowledge of construction techniques and designs that can meet your desired conditions, provide appropriate advice, so you can be confident that you have a concern. If you would like to ask questions about Science Housing East Japan in Saitama, please contact us anytime as the friendly staff will be happy to assist you.