Saitama's construction company can reflect the original design on the custom house

Saitama Science Home East Japan, which has been making custom-built homes, has a track record of responding to many requests, such as a relaxing cafe style that takes advantage of the characteristics of Hinoki and a design that makes you feel Japanese-style. By incorporating a particular coloring and making furniture, you can realize your home fully packed with your favorites.
If you want to build a custom-made home where you can feel the originality, Saitama's construction company will use design know-how to design with high satisfaction, so please leave it.

The house of the custom house built by Saitama's construction company is a structure with a sense of openness

If you want to live in a wooden house unique to Japan, please consider ordering a home made with a dedicated Makabe. The wood has the function of absorbing and releasing moisture according to the humidity in the air in the room, so you can spend time in the room with natural humidity and humidity control. As there are fewer opportunities to use air conditioning equipment, it leads to savings and power saving, and energy saving measures can be implemented batchwise.
A building company that has been committed to the quality of Hinoki and has created a comfortable house for all Hinoki, we are committed to designing with ease of use and kindness so that families can live together happily forever. Even if it is indoors, you can get a feeling of opening up and feeling exhilarating like a house in the woods, so if you want to send daily with fresh feeling, please select to be constructed.

If you are looking for an exhibition space for your order in Saitama area, please visit

We have been able to respond carefully to the needs of the dozens and dozens, as we wish for a house with a design that incorporates gentle light and a wood with a tasteful atmosphere. We will exhibit many ingenious residences in the exhibition area to make your choices even wider. If you have any questions about the exhibition hall or wish to attend, please contact us as we will provide details.
Because you breathe comfortably along with carefully selected high-quality wood, you can heal your stress and fatigue. We will fill in every request that our customers need to live and complete only one home. We will do our best to create a space that you want to go home, so please contact us whenever you have an order.

We will support those who want to build a custom home for the future in Saitama

A wide range of wood colorings is available, and you can enjoy the pleasure of choosing wood that matches the design you want to finish, such as ebony or dark. The staff members decide on each design while meeting with customers, so they can have a sense of "special home made by themselves". We will build a home where you want to be proud of you, so please let us know your ideal image for a construction company with construction experience.
As a friend to those aiming for a bright future, we will create a home while making various improvements including energy saving measures and barrier-free. We will do our best to meet your wishes from simple designs that take advantage of the color of wood to stylish homes that incorporate details you like, so please consult us if you are looking for a home where you can live calmly .