It is news from Science home East Japan which builds custom house of Saitama

If you want to build a custom house, please ask Science Home East Japan, which has designed a wooden house that you can feel warm mainly in Saitama. We will carefully support the know-how we have cultivated so that we can find the best for our customers from a variety of options.
The new information page of the construction company undertaking the design request for the custom house in Saitama has useful information and useful information for customers considering construction, so please refer to it once.
Science Home East Japan, with a reputation for building high-satisfying custom homes in Saitama, is constantly refining its technology to meet the needs of its customers. We will continue to talk with customers many times, and we will do our best to build a home where you can live a comfortable life. Please contact us if you want to ask for a construction company that can give you the ideal, and that you are looking for a craftsman who can leave it without anxiety.
The construction company that received many requests for custom-made homes in Saitama diligently updated the information that we wanted to inform customers, and sent out the information. We make every effort to create a company that our customers can request with confidence, and we provide every single service with the utmost sincerity. You can see various information such as practical examples and media posting information from the new information page, so if you are interested please check it for reference.