We publish construction example of construction company of Saitama

As we offer exhibition area of custom-made custom-made house in Saitama, please come by all means if you are interested in wooden house. Makabe-made houses that are built using many trees are so popular that people who want to have a wonderful home will love it because the longer they live, the more they will taste and their attachment will grow.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the past results and work contents of the Science Home East Japan in Saitama, which is contracted for the construction of an order house.

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If you are designing an order house, please leave it to Science Home East Japan located in Saitama. The high design makes it possible to shape your ideal residence and has been used by customers of all ages. We have introduced a thermal insulation method that is cool in summer and cool in winter, and we have received high praise for being able to create a comfortable space while saving energy.
As we cope with various designs including one-story house and two-family house, we have many inquiries from person looking for construction company with a high degree of freedom. The Frequently Asked Questions page contains questions from customers who make inquiries, so you can see easy-to-understand answers. If you are considering whether you would like to request a custom house design from a construction company in Saitama, please let us know if you want to solve any questions in advance.