A tree house with high design when considering a custom house in Saitama

Science Home East Japan, which has a wealth of built-to-order experience in custom-made homes in Saitama, is highly rated for its design. The unique system allows you to choose the best plan for each customer from more than 340,000 designs through four steps, and we will propose only one home that you can not easily meet at a house maker. The cost performance of the wooden house is well received because of its rich construction experience, so please use it when considering a custom house in Saitama.

The wood house is a home that combines comfort and performance such as earthquake resistance

Science Home East Japan, which accepts custom-made housing mainly in Saitama, has proposed many wooden houses that are most suitable for the Japanese culture. High strength of technology based on experience and results such as strength that combines a frame and a panel that can not resist earthquakes, insulation with outer insulation in response to intensifying climate, airtight performance, and Makai wall construction suitable for high humidity Japan I have received a lot of trust.
In addition, in order to take advantage of the property that wood will breathe even after it becomes lumber, solid wood is placed everywhere, such as the floor, internal fixtures, large black pillars, and it is possible to save on air conditioning expenses because it is arranged in a comfortable air environment. We have received a voice from our customers. In addition, the soft, warm texture unique to wood, not found in iron or concrete, is a natural attraction that you just want to touch with bare skin. Please realize a comfortable home for your family with a wooden house that combines comfort, security and safe performance.

Please rest assured your new home to a company with a wealth of architectural design results

We offer a large number of custom-made homes, mainly in Saitama Prefecture, so please order a unique home based on our rich experience based on your own life plan. In Science Home East Japan, we are feeling more uneasy in recent years with the latest technologies such as high seismic performance by combination of frame and panel, strength and airtightness by outer insulation that is realized by pasting the heat insulating material on the outer wall without gaps and heat insulation. We have carefully taken measures against many natural disasters.
In addition, we adopt wisdom of the first person according to Japanese climate with many humid days such as rainy season or typhoon, dew condensation in winter in form such as Makabe construction and bring up healthy house which nature and air environment are settled by breathing of tree We are proposing. The solid wood used by wood house specialists is rich in soft material with warmth unique to natural materials, and it has been well received that it can be comfortable from children to elderly customers, so it was a success for each and every customer Please look forward to the best offer.

The design of the comfortable wooden house and the goodness of the cospa are also popular tips

In Science Home East Japan, where a large number of custom-built wooden houses are manufactured in Saitama, we have built our own system based on our accumulated experience so far, so we propose only one type of house that is difficult to realize in a house maker. You As it is an architectural design that reaches over 340,000 in four steps, we have received many voices of joy in a stylish home different from people.
In addition, reasonable price is received highly because we are involved in many projects, and we boast that there are many reviews for good cost performance to realize comfortable, reliable, safe wooden house. There are also documents available that detail the past architectural construction results and features of popular wooden houses, and you can also see and touch the real thing in the exhibition hall, so please go out with your entire family. Please feel free to contact us as we can also handle website forms, request information by phone, and make reservations for your visit.

The wooden house has been well received for its natural comfort

We have designed and built many wooden custom-made houses in Saitama. Science home We have high praise for homes that make use of the unique charm of trees in East Japan. The height of functionality to protect important family members from natural disasters such as earthquakes and heavy rain that cause major damage in various places in recent years has increased the strength by combining a frame and a panel, and an outer covering that copes with severe heat or severe winter We have received great confidence in all areas, such as air tightness and heat insulation by heat insulation.
In addition, as a specialist group of wooden buildings who know the nature of wood more than anything, a house using plenty of unspoiled wood that continues to breathe is more effective because it is a highly airtight outer insulation building, and a comfortable air environment can be achieved. Produce. It is highly appreciated that you can enjoy a comfortable daily life even in prefectures where there are severe weather and news. You can request more detailed information from the website form etc. without visiting us, so please tell us.


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