If it is an order house, please leave it to a company where a wooden house is popular in Saitama

Building a large number of custom-made homes around Saitama Prefecture Science Home East Japan's wooden house has received a lot of trust from many customers. The wooden structure suitable for the Japanese culture with many natural disasters such as earthquakes realizes the natural and comfortable living environment by breathing wood. Please spend every day comfortably and safely in my home using a lot of solid wood for fittings and floorings. In addition, we have been well received by the design and cost performance unique to companies familiar with wood houses, so please contact us if you are thinking of a custom home in Saitama.

Please feel the comfort of the house where trees are breathing by the Makabe construction

Science Home East Japan accepts custom-made homes in Saitama, and has built a traditional Makabe wooden house suitable for Japanese culture. Frames and panels are combined to increase strength and remove concerns about earthquakes that have become increasingly concerned in recent years, as well as the naturally created comfortable air environment unique to a wood house that continues to breathe when it comes to wood. It is Since it is a specialist of wooden houses that has worked on many wooden houses up to now, interior fixtures and floorings, old large pillars and many other trees are placed everywhere, and a house that feels comfortable and airy is realized.
Not only the comfort of wood and high performance such as earthquake resistance, but also abundant design design by our own system, it is a pleasure from many customers who built our house only unique one that is not unique in a house maker. There is a voice. We also accept requests for information and bookings from the website, so please feel free to contact us.

Not only single-story houses and two-story buildings, but also two-family homes are rich in construction and construction results

How about Science Home East Japan where you can get a high rating on a wooden house if you think of an order house in Saitama? The flats ideal for singles and second lives, 1.5 floors with a loft with compact yet full space, two-family homes, two floors to suit the growth of children, etc. We will propose a plan. The system based on abundant design and construction results allows you to choose the best one from more than 340,000 designs in just 4 steps, so there is a voice that a highly original design unique house was built. Many are coming.
The strength to withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and dramatic heavy rains that are particularly concerned in recent years, comfort utilizing wood, high design with a rich plan, and reasonable price and cost performance The height is well received, so please consider.

Please enjoy the charm of the wooden house by staying experience at the exhibition center

The Science Home East of Saitama, which conveys the attractiveness of trees in custom-made housing, offers an exhibition space where you can experience the proud wooden house. Please come and feel the air environment prepared by breathing wood, the feel of the floor using solid wood that you want to run barefoot all year round, and the peace of mind surrounded by trees. We also offer accommodation experiences in the model house, so it is also attractive that you can expand the image of your new home by touching and feeling every corner of the house. We explore the house only for the time when there is no staff, and there are also many voices that hope is finalized.
The Makabe wooden house suitable for high humidity Japanese houses offers a wealth of plans to snugly fit each customer, so you can be sure of design as well as safety and comfort Please expect a home. Please feel free to contact us as you can request information and make a reservation by visiting the website form.

It is an access page of a construction company which builds custom-made custom-made houses in Saitama.

Saitama's construction companies acquire the necessary knowledge when building custom-made housings and work using high-level technology to achieve beautiful finish to every corner. The high degree of design of the exterior, as well as the convenience in the house, has made it highly appreciated that it is easy to do housework and easy to live. We have come up with every one of the ideals our customers have, such as "I want to be an antique house with a vintage feel" and "I want to bring out the nostalgic feel of an old-fashioned house".
There is no need to come to the store when consulting on housing design and construction, so you can feel free to ask even busy people. We have posted the details on the access page about the place where we have the office of Science Home East Japan. Please check if you want to check just in case.


If it is an order house To science home East Japan of Saitama

We are contracted to request a custom home in Saitama

If you would like to build a custom apartment in Saitama that you do not regret, please contact Science Home East Japan, which offers appropriate advice based on our extensive experience. In order to build the housing that each customer wants, we have a time for hearing in detail about the request. If you think that you are anxious after entering the construction, we will talk with our customers until we are convinced that we will not regret that we should have done it.
If you are looking for a construction company that can handle the construction of custom homes around Saitama, please consider using it.


The construction company that makes a custom house in Saitama does not need to come

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