I am a wood house specialist who builds a custom house in Saitama

Science Home East Japan, with a wealth of building experience in custom homes in Saitama, proposes a safe and secure living environment that makes the most of the nature of wood. We protect family from natural disasters such as earthquakes by combination of outer wall of outer insulation that realized frame with pillars and beams and high insulation insulation airtightness. In addition, by using a pillar between the outer wall and the inner wall, a house using solid wood as a masonry structure or an interior fixture or floor material that does not interfere with the breathing of the column prepares the optimum air environment for the rainy season or the winter season when dew condensation occurs. It is made of wood that you can feel the comfort of wood. Please feel free to contact us when considering wooden custom housing in Saitama.

The wooden house has been well received for its natural comfort

We have designed and built many wooden custom-made houses in Saitama. Science home We have high praise for homes that make use of the unique charm of trees in East Japan. The height of functionality to protect important family members from natural disasters such as earthquakes and heavy rain that cause major damage in various places in recent years has increased the strength by combining a frame and a panel, and an outer covering that copes with severe heat or severe winter We have received great confidence in all areas, such as air tightness and heat insulation by heat insulation.
In addition, as a specialist group of wooden buildings who know the nature of wood more than anything, a house using plenty of unspoiled wood that continues to breathe is more effective because it is a highly airtight outer insulation building, and a comfortable air environment can be achieved. Produce. It is highly appreciated that you can enjoy a comfortable daily life even in prefectures where there are severe weather and news. You can request more detailed information from the website form etc. without visiting us, so please tell us.

Wooden flats and houses with lofts also have many construction results

As we built a large number of custom-made homes mainly in Saitama Prefecture, there are abundant results that customers can request with confidence. As a company with the know-how to realize a comfortable living environment, such as exterior insulation that withstands the intensifying weather, and a wall construction that does not prevent the tree's breathing according to a humid climate, we have a solid trust. In addition, solid floors and interior fittings that can feel the attractiveness of a wooden house from a warm touch continue breathing like pillars, so it is a great attraction that the air environment throughout the house is naturally comfortable.
An original that combines a wealth of designs according to the customer's life plan, such as a two-family house that can be adapted to growing children, a 1.5-story with a loft to realize a compact but fulfilling space, and a simple and perfect second-life The point where you can choose one is also well received that a well-designed house has been built, so please consult us first.

Please come and experience the charming Makabe wooden house in the exhibition center

Science Home East Japan, which has been engaged in a large number of custom-made homes, mainly Saitama, has a great deal of confidence in the design and construction of homes that make full use of the attractiveness of trees. The solid wood used for floorings and interior fittings, and the walls made of pillars that come out of the inner wall realize a comfortable air environment by the trees in your house breathing. In addition, metal and concrete are different from metal and concrete, so the material that you want to touch with bare skin all year round is also effective in saving air conditioning costs.
To make it easy for you to think of a home filled with the charms of trees, we have the opportunity to touch the actual building, so please go out to the exhibition hall with your family. In addition, we also offer free accommodation experiences for model rooms that give you an image of the home of a tree more specifically. Experience the house of the wood in a space of only a family without staff, and it is very well received that the details were felt, so please do not hesitate to make a reservation.

Please feel the comfort of the house where trees are breathing by the Makabe construction

Science Home East Japan accepts custom-made homes in Saitama, and has built a traditional Makabe wooden house suitable for Japanese culture. Frames and panels are combined to increase strength and remove concerns about earthquakes that have become increasingly concerned in recent years, as well as the naturally created comfortable air environment unique to a wood house that continues to breathe when it comes to wood. It is Since it is a specialist of wooden houses that has worked on many wooden houses up to now, interior fixtures and floorings, old large pillars and many other trees are placed everywhere, and a house that feels comfortable and airy is realized.
Not only the comfort of wood and high performance such as earthquake resistance, but also abundant design design by our own system, it is a pleasure from many customers who built our house only unique one that is not unique in a house maker. There is a voice. We also accept requests for information and bookings from the website, so please feel free to contact us.


If it is an order house To science home East Japan of Saitama

We are contracted to request a custom home in Saitama

If you would like to build a custom apartment in Saitama that you do not regret, please contact Science Home East Japan, which offers appropriate advice based on our extensive experience. In order to build the housing that each customer wants, we have a time for hearing in detail about the request. If you think that you are anxious after entering the construction, we will talk with our customers until we are convinced that we will not regret that we should have done it.
If you are looking for a construction company that can handle the construction of custom homes around Saitama, please consider using it.