We will introduce the concept of Saitama's construction company, which will create custom housing

It's the perfect construction company for people who want to build a design-oriented custom house in Saitama, so don't hesitate to contact us first. We will design a nice home where you can meet your needs, according to your budget.
We have received various requests, such as a two-family house where we can spend time together and a second house that is perfect when we want to refresh. As you can live while touching nature in a Makabe-made house, please contact Science Home East Japan if you are considering a construction company to request a custom house in Saitama.
The home of Science Home is safe, secure and comfortable, accessible to child-raising generation,

10 million yen house

Building a home with superior functionality and performance
Taste, texture and warmth of soft "trees"
"Comfortable house" that can be felt in daily life
We can get from own design, in-house construction, tsubo from 39.8 thousand yen
"The home of science home"

With a high degree of freedom that does not seem like a 10 million yen home
We suggest a certain life of child care generation

Tsubo 398,000 yen ~ Realized that secret

Taste of solid wood and performance to live comfortably Build a house that can be built without any compromise

Science Home's house is attractive with "comfortable and calm space" using plenty of wood. The unique living space that tastes as time passes is a quality that does not seem like a house of the order of 10 million yen.

Large space of wide open air vents
A wooden house where you can feel the texture of wood immediately if you look over pillars and beams
And high airtightness, high thermal insulation performance utilizing the original performance of wood
Exterior insulation house that surrounded the whole house like a thermos
Trees breathe and create a comfortable living space

Home of science home to feel high quality
Achieve affordable prices with various devices.

In making a house once in a lifetime
Would you like to create a home filled with good intentions?

Stick to the right person in the right place

In making homes for science homes, materials are used properly in the right place, such as using expensive solid wood for floors and fixtures that are frequently in direct contact with the skin, and using high quality laminated wood that can sufficiently meet the standards for other parts. You are While maintaining a certain standard of quality, the place you want to stick with is dedicated, so you do not use your expenses.

Cut the middle margin

At Science Home, we are creating a house with our own design and construction. In order to create a home without putting subcontractors, it is possible to cut unnecessary costs without generating an intermediate margin. In addition to this, we have achieved further cost reductions by "collective purchasing of materials" and "cutting in the middle margin of purchasing" for operation at the Science Home dedicated factory.

Work period shortening by skilled craftsman

Science Home is a community-based building company that gathers “THE carpenters” who have built homes for many years. We are proud of our accumulated technological capabilities and proposal capabilities, and the ability to respond that major house makers can not imitate. As it is a company where skilled craftsmen gather, it is possible to proceed quickly and carefully during the construction period, leading to significant cost reductions.

NEO NOSTARGIA is a concept that takes advantage of Japan's old "beauty" to the present day

Make impossible possible ... Taste also at will

Nostalgia and taste found in Japanese-style houses, healing time brought by solid wood ...
Japanese-style houses that have been loved for a long time in Japan give a feeling of calm "beauty".

Among them, it is the house equipped with modern excellent functions, equipment and performance,
It is the main concept advocated by Science Home.

Commitment · taste as you like
While reducing unnecessary costs,

According to the lifestyle, taste and taste of each customer
We propose the "optimal home" where you can live comfortably and comfortably every day.

We cope with request of custom-made homes available in two households in Saitama

If you want to build a custom house on your land in Saitama, please request Science Home East Japan, which can design a wide range of genres, such as Asian style and Natural style. If you are living a stressful life surrounded by artificially created things, we would like to introduce you to a Makabe-made house where you can feel the warmth of wood. You can relax your body well by taking a relaxing bath in a Hinoki-flavored house and stretching your body.
We can also design the size and layout of the home and children's families, such as two-family homes recommended for parents who want to live together in a family and homes for small families with lofts, according to the customer's request. We will try to provide a service that makes our customers happy, so if you have any trouble with your home, please tell us anything.

It is an access page of a construction company which builds custom-made custom-made houses in Saitama.

Saitama's construction companies acquire the necessary knowledge when building custom-made housings and work using high-level technology to achieve beautiful finish to every corner. The high degree of design of the exterior, as well as the convenience in the house, has made it highly appreciated that it is easy to do housework and easy to live. We have come up with every one of the ideals our customers have, such as "I want to be an antique house with a vintage feel" and "I want to bring out the nostalgic feel of an old-fashioned house".
There is no need to come to the store when consulting on housing design and construction, so you can feel free to ask even busy people. We have posted the details on the access page about the place where we have the office of Science Home East Japan. Please check if you want to check just in case.

The staff who accept consultation and construction of the custom house in Saitama has high technology.

If you have any questions in Science Home East Japan in Saitama about the construction of custom-made homes, please do not hesitate to contact us as it may be a trivial matter. The staff who learned from the traditional technology to the latest technology talks with the customer, and will make an effort so that you can leave the construction pleasantly. For those who want to know the character of the staff corresponding to the customer in the construction company, because we put the history and self-introduction on the staff page, you can see in advance.
We have built a variety of design homes using the traditional method of making meter modules where trees breathe properly and the technology of Makabe construction. Since we support the creation of a home where you can enjoy life while relaxing through the five senses, please choose a construction company that is reputed for its reputation and reputation.

Building companies in Saitama remove questions and concerns about custom homes

If you have a question on the order housing, you can ask if you can contact Science Home East Japan in Saitama, we will answer that you can understand properly. We have set up a construction schedule after giving a solid explanation before construction so that customers can wait for the end of construction with a feeling of excitement. We believe it is important to build a relationship of trust, so please do not hesitate to ask if you have any concerns or concerns.
We will build a house where you can live as if you are taking a forest bath while taking a rest in the space surrounded by the hinoki. We are pleased to hear that we have been able to spend more time with family members more meaningfully. Please contact us if you would like to order a residence that sounds like "I would like to return home when I'm tired" or "I was successful in building my home".

The blog of a building company that builds custom housing in Saitama is full of information

If you are asked by a popular custom home building company in Saitama, please consider using Science Home East Japan. We will provide an all-domestic Hinoki relaxing place where you can stay in communication with your family with a natural feeling of humidity and comfort and always feel warm. Manaka-made houses are popular with many people because they have the effect of absorbing harmful UV rays in the eyes and delivering a pleasant and mellow sound to the human ear.
We have set up a blog to post various articles so that we can tell customers the everyday life and atmosphere of a construction company. We are writing about contents such as housing and staff about construction companies. We will update many articles based on customer feedback, so please check them out if you have any concerns.