A wooden house where you can feel the comfort of being surrounded by the scent of wood and the warmth of the stove.

2024/05/27 blog
Konosu Exhibition Hall

Hello Exclamation Mark






Science Home Konosu store smilingly




This time we will introduce the H-san residence, where you can feel relaxed and comforted by the space surrounded by trees and the stove. note




A chic house with a blue-gray exterior note



The roof is the same color as the exterior walls, creating a unified look. Kiss



The wooden texture on the front door and pillars makes a nice accent. Good



The orange street lights seem to be gently shining a light on everyone's return. Sparkling



There is ample parking space, so you can feel at ease even if you have guests. car






This will be the entrance hall note



When you open the front door, you will be greeted by beautiful stained glass. Awareness



Even if you come home tired, you'll feel refreshed. Embarrassed



There is also a warm shelf on the right side. Star



It looks like it would be useful for displaying small items or storing small items you need when going out. OK





As you move forward to the living room, you will find an open, spacious space with an atrium. note



Whether you look up from the living room or down from the loft, the view is



It seems to be your preference Grin



There is a pellet stove next to the stairs. note



For Mr. H, the theme was a cypress house that would look good with a pellet stove.



It seems to be the best place to relax Wink



It seems like a great place to enjoy a chat over a cup of tea while watching the flames flicker. coffee





This will be the kitchen note



The open shelves give the cafe-style kitchen a picturesque look even when viewed from the living room. Unwind



The lower door is finished in iron-like black. Sunglasses



A stylish peninsula-style kitchen Sparkling



The stove side is a wall to prevent splashes. applause



It's also designed for ease of use, so it makes housework easier. Wink






This will be the loft note



You can put a hammock in and enjoy some time alone. Book



You can read a book or take a nap surrounded by the scent of trees. zzz



There is plenty of space so you can use it for storage too. Nico





How was Mr H's house? Question mark



There are hammocks and you can relax and watch the flames.



There is a stove...



It was wonderful to be indoors and feel like a champ in a healing space. Star






I'll show you another wonderful home. Par