A wooden house where everyone can gather and fulfill the wishes of three generations.

2024/05/23 blog
Konosu Exhibition Hall

Hello Exclamation Mark





Science Home Konosu store smilingly




Introducing a home where friends of all ages gather to share fun times. note





The exterior walls are unified in cool colors. note



The navy blue galvanized steel sheeting of this house really stands out against the blue sky. Unwind



The front door has a calm tone and wood grain, giving it a mature look. Sunglasses



The cool Japanese modern theme can be felt even from the exterior. OK





This will be the living room note



You can feel the presence of your family even on the second floor through the atrium. LOL



The living room is spacious and open, with a high ceiling. Good



Of course, you can see everyone's faces even if you're in the living room, which is the center of the house.



The viewing distance feels comfortable. good night



The living room has a tasteful single-piece low table where everyone can gather together. LOL



There is storage space in the living room, so it is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner. Top insertion



It's so neat and tidy that it's hard to believe that a three-generation family lives there. Sparkling






This is a Japanese-style room. note



The living room and the floor are connected. Embarrassed



The gray-colored Japanese-style room is softly lit by the lighting, creating a relaxing space. Grin



It's great for reading a book or relaxing, but it's also a great place to let guests in.



I'm sure they'll be happy with it. tea





This will be the kitchen note



The brick-like kitchen cloth gives a different impression to the living room.



I feel like I can change my mood and get to cooking. applause



The clean white system kitchen makes cleaning up easier. Good



Fulfilling the desire to make housework easier, taking advantage of the height of the counter



Create a space for condiments Surprise



Having a face-to-face kitchen will likely deepen interactions with family members. Unwind






There is also a separate room for children on the second floor. note



It's fun to be with family, but having your own space is also fun.



Happy Cow



The storage is open style, so there are many storage options.



There is fun to be had OK



There is also a spacious corridor, from which the view is also exceptional. eye





How was it Question mark



It's great to have a place where people of all ages can come together. gentle



In addition, your own space is firmly secured,



It was a wonderful home where everyone could relax. Good






I'll show you another wonderful home. Par