A wooden house with an efficient cafe-style kitchen by Kajido Usen

2024/05/20 blog
Konosu Exhibition Hall

Hello Exclamation Mark






Science Home Konosu store Wink




This time, we will introduce the cafe-style kitchen of Mr. K's house, where the housework flow is arranged horizontally.



An introduction note





A large white house with a sloping roof note



There is a cute wooden entrance, and at the front



There is an entrance/exit Surprise



It looks like it would be very useful in Mr. K's house, where there is a scale next to it. Good



A bench is installed on the eaves, allowing you to view the greenery planted in the garden.



Seems like a great place gentle



If you see one in your neighborhood, what is the layout like?



I think I'm going to be worried eye




This will be the entrance hall note



The doma (earthen floor) is also spacious, but the white tiles also help to create a nice effect.



It feels even wider Cow



There is a cloakroom at the back where you can store your gear when you go outside. OK



Family members can enter and exit from the cloakroom side,



You can also store your shoes conveniently. Shoes



Just by having a privacy wall, you can hide the feeling of your daily life and not panic if a sudden visitor comes. LOL



Put a big mirror on the wall to hide the view.



It will come in handy when getting ready to go out. Unwind





This is the living/dining room and kitchen. note



The dining area is close by, so travel distances are minimal. OK



The walls around the kitchen counter are made of soft colored tiles. Whistling



It goes well with a house that uses a lot of wood. Popping out hearts



The table, kitchen, lighting, and staircase are accented with black. Sunglasses



It's like adding a little spice to the gentle atmosphere.



Has a firming effect Scissors



Your good sense really stands out applause



A pantry was installed at the back of the kitchen. note



A counter with chairs in a corner of the pantry with plenty of storage space



There is also an area that can be used as a workspace. Book



You can get started quickly in a short amount of time and make effective use of your time. Whistling



It looks like a great hideaway spot for your wife. coffee





This is a Japanese-style room. note



It feels like you're in a hotel. tea



The lighting and blinds are carefully selected to create a beautiful finish. Sparkling



The front room of the Japanese-style room features two specially designed courtyard gardens. Clover



The soft lighting illuminates the stones in the courtyard, creating a space that doesn't feel like a home. Surprise





This will be the bedroom note



The calming colors help you get a good night's sleep zzz



Plus, with the added benefit of the cypress scent, this is the perfect bedroom. Wink



On the second floor, in addition to the couple's bedroom, there is a children's room and free space. note



In response to the child's request, we installed a bookshelf in addition to storage.



It seems easy to manage Book






How was Mr. K's house? Question mark



The luxurious use of space seems to give you a sense of relaxation and healing. Grin



The dining room ceiling is deliberately low,



For example, making it a cafe-like space with a secluded feel.



It's a nice accent for a large space. Good



Also, the use of colour was outstanding. Kiss






I'll show you another wonderful home. Par