A traditional Japanese cypress house reminiscent of a foreign house

2024/05/25 blog

Hello. This is Science Home Nagareyama store. smiley

Today we will introduce you to a traditional cypress house from overseas that looks like an old Japanese house and is perfect for antique furniture.

A home modeled after an old house in the European countryside.

We have created a house that has been thoroughly designed to be comfortable to live in, with particular attention paid to both housework and daily living activities. angel

The Western-style room next to the living room on the first floor was designed with a view to the future when the children have left home.

Now it is used as a space for children to play and for guests to come.

The layout is designed with the assumption that the couple will live there together eventually. yes

The counter built into the kitchen is for the family to use during work time.

Rear storage that is larger than the standard size

There is also a work space and a display shelf on the top.

You can now display your favorite items. blush

The staircase is located in the center of the living/dining/kitchen area .

The upper floor is 1.5 stories high and has an open ceiling, with two lofts.

The small interior windows facing each other are quite unique. wink

We added a playful touch by allowing people to enjoy conversations through the windows and look down on the living/dining/kitchen area on the first floor. devil

By creating a space where the living room can be seen from every room,

It became a warm home where the family feels connected no matter where they are. blush


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