Introducing the Urawa Misono Community Market [Misoichi]

2024/04/22 blog

Hello smiley Science Home Saitama Exhibition Hall

April 27th (Saturday) at Misono Community Center

A community-based marche [Misonoichi] will be held.

The Misono district is undergoing large-scale urban development, and the challenges associated with it are the formation of a new local community and the bustling of the area around the station.

There is a large area of excellent farmland surrounding the development area, such as the Minuma rice fields and the Ayase River basin, and there is a need for measures to promote urban agriculture, including the conservation and utilization of these areas. enlightened

[Misonoichi] sells seasonal local agricultural products as well as cooked and processed products using them. blush

Why not take this opportunity to try out local ingredients? angel

Our exhibition hall is located close to Saitama Stadium.

Please stop by if you are in the area. blush

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