A wooden house where you can relax and play with your dog♪

2023/12/04 blog
Konosu Exhibition Hall

Hello smilingly

Science Home Konosu store Exclamation Mark

This time we will introduce Mr. S's residence where you can relax barefoot with your dog. Unwind

The white trim on the charcoal gray exterior walls looks stylish. love love

The entrance side is decorated with a wooden lattice to enhance the appearance.

I feel the warmth grin

This will be the living room note

My dogs live happily in the LDK that I requested for a spacious floor plan.

running around dog

The solid wood floor is moderately soft so you can firmly walk on it with your nails.

You can rest assured that the risk of injury to your dog is reduced. Good

There will be some scratches, but since the solid wood board has the same pattern, it will not be noticeable. shyness

The solid wood floor feels soft and warm when you touch it with bare feet. good night

Safe and secure for both people and dogs smilingly

The raised space also serves as a dining room. applause

Use it as a bench when playing with your dog, or when you want to relax.

It's a Japanese-style room, and there's also a small staircase, so your dog can enjoy it too.

You can climb up and down freely dogdog

The pillars, beams, and floor of the large living room are each color-coded. Surprised

You can enjoy the color gradation that changes depending on your line of sight. OK

I placed a low-style low table in the living room. pug

Because your line of sight is lower, you can get closer to your dog and enjoy closer contact with each other.

You can interact with each other to your heart's content without stress. stuffed rabbit

Create an atrium in the center of the living room

You can see the living room from the second floor. eye

The atrium lattice is made of wood and finished with matte black paint.

Finished in an iron style Good

This will be Mr. S's study where he can do his hobbies and work on his computer. note

The workbench is a built-in structure, so there is a sense of unity. shyness

It's an enviable space where you can immerse yourself in your hobbies. grin

The free space above the atrium becomes a second living room. note

The lighting is stylish and the space feels like a main living room. Explosive lol

Before going to bed, you can relax in the second living room and change your mind. good night

How was Mr. S's residence? ?

They seem very satisfied with the spacious living room where their dog can run around and a room for their hobbies. dog

It was a wonderful home for Mr. S, full of love for his dog. wink

I'll show you my beautiful home again. par


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