If you want to build a wooden house in Chiba, go to Science Home Nagareyama

2023/06/24 blog

This is the Science Home Nagareyama store.

At Science Home, we are making a house made of Makabe.

What is Makabe making?

One of the traditional Japanese construction methods that show the pillars and beams as they are without hiding them.

Since it is a construction method that exposes the wooden pillars and beams as they are, the room will inevitably become a space surrounded by trees. You can enjoy the texture and texture of rustic wood as an interior decoration, and by looking at and touching wood on a daily basis, you can feel the peace of being in nature. One of the charms of Makabe-zukuri is that you can enjoy the changes in the color of the wood used in the pillars over time.

Many traditional Japanese houses were built in the former style, but today most of them have been replaced by large walls.

↓Building a large wall

Kouho that hides pillars and beams and wraps them in walls

The atmosphere of the room is determined by just turning on the lights in the house made of Makabe.

Warm-colored indirect lighting matches very well.

I wish I could help you with a little bit of a wonderful home.

We are looking forward to seeing you, so please contact us if you are interested.


Green Science Home Nagareyama Co., Ltd.

Yusuke Umetsu

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