If you want to build a Makabe house, Science Home Soka

2023/06/20 blog

This is the Science Home Soka store.

Today, I would like to introduce "a one-story house with a gable roof where you can thoroughly enjoy nature and adult time".

A simple one-story house designed for wheelchair users on the premise of welcoming their parents.

The high-ceilinged open living room that makes use of the shape of the gable roof, and the low table made from a single piece of Akita cedar make a great presence!

With a space of 5 tatami mats, the entrance dirt floor reproduces a rural life with a dirt floor, and the fittings connected to the living room are Japanese-style sliding doors.

The flat Japanese-style room facing the living room is a very relaxing space with plenty of sunlight.

In the future, a wonderful house where you can lively with your parents, family and friends has been completed.


What should I start with building a house?

I don't have any land, so how do I find it ...

How long can I borrow a loan?

We will answer your questions one by one,

Please feel free to contact us.


If you are looking for land, we will introduce land information that meets your needs.

Please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to.

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