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2023/06/19 blog

Hello Exclamation Mark

Science home Konosu store whistling

Mr. N's residence, this time it is a guide to the second floor Lovey-dovey

As you go up the stairs...

There is a bookshelf at the end of the right side Book

The end can be used for storage, but the bookshelf made of thick wood

There is a sense of unity because it matches the color of the pillar wink

With the bookshelf behind you...

there is free space Nico

It's a great space for children to play and read books. realization

Utilizing the sloping part, there is storage OK

If you are a small child, it seems to be a secret base Smile

In the back, you can store household appliances that you don't use regularly, such as seasonal items. good

This is the room before the free space smilingly

The wall in one corner is a cute Moomin runrun

While using the white wall as the base, it incorporates a little playfulness well. embarrassment

The wooden lattice behind the door, and the lattice ceiling behind it...

Wood is used abundantly, and it feels very luxurious. Ushishi

This is the room in front of the bookshelf note

The gabled roof is like a mountain hut, and it is a calm space. good night

There are still many places to see, so I will continue to introduce Mr. N's residence.





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