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2019/08/24 blog

No, it was strong!

The star ridge was also tenacious, but it was n’t just a step away ...

High school baseball is great yes

Yesterday's Atsushi Koshien was a big cry (T_T)

I'm looking forward to next year ♪



Hello, I'm Saitama head office Nakamura (^^)

Today we are at the Nagareyama store to help! !

I originally worked at the Nagareyama store,

I often come here smiley



Speaking of the Nagareyama store, it looks stylish! !

And Nagareyama store manager's hobby manga (> _ <)

First of all, you will be greeted in a free space just after entering the entrance.

There are "Fullmetal Alchemist" and "Tera Formars" here ~

I'm a full-metal alchemist, but when I read it a long time, there were many characters and it was difficult to read the contents.

※ I do not read at the Nagareyama store!

And the bedroom on the second floor. . .

Here are "BLEACH", "Tokyo Gour", "Hunter Hunter" and more!

I really like Tokyo Guru, I read it three times, and I saw anime and live-action movies!

Kanagi-kun is getting stronger ...

※ I don't read at the Nagareyama store ~ lol


This bedroom is just behind the office.

Moreover, since there is a “valkyre at the end” that is addicted to now, just a little bit when you enter the bedroom ...

I'm on the bookshelf

I don't read it because I'm watching "Kuro-chan," the Nagareyama store signboard girl!

It is also very popular with children who have come to play!


And well

I've been introducing manga

Really stylish and stylish Nagareyama Exhibition Hall yes

When everyone came to Chiba,

Please drop in like a manga cafe ♪

A store manager who has a hobby of manga will welcome you!



See you again (^^) /