Build a custom home and make your kitchen more comfortable

2019/08/23 blog

Shironowaru is nice Hello.

It is Tokuchi of Saitama head office.

Shiro Noir in the Komeda coffee shop

There are products like hot cakes

do you know?

That's really delicious! (^^)

The other day I had an opportunity to use the Komeda coffee shop

I tried it, but it ’s a ripip decision! Lol

However, it is hard to go to a coffee shop ... lol


My home kitchen,

Kitchen hood cleaning

It was very troublesome (^ _ ^;)

Filter for hood

If you look at the dirt ...

So here is the introduction!

Range food

Super clean food!

Range hood side

You can see the side while holding down the silver button

It can be easily removed.

Remove the lid of the range hood

It will look like this when removed ↑

Just wipe this surface (^^)

Inside the range hood

There are fans inside.

This can also be removed easily b

Range hood parts

These are three!

No tools needed

Just turn and pull

Easy to remove!

With the lid removed

Just wipe the three removed parts

Compared to traditional kitchen food

It became much easier (^^)

It becomes an option

When you think about later

I think this is also a type that is hard to throw away!

Not just the kitchen

Bathroom, wash basin, balcony, etc.

I have no time to list

Point that we want to be particular about in order house

Why do not you excite by all means? (^^)

Then again (^ _ ^) / ~