Custom houses built in Saitama Japan cityscape

2019/08/23 blog

This is Wada from Soka.

Science Home has a Japanese cityscape series

You can reproduce the old house.

This time, I will introduce Kanazawa in the cityscape series.

A hut will be created on the exterior, and the atmosphere will change to an atmosphere that seems to be in a tourist spot.

The interior is filled with true walled trees

The floor plan can be freely designed to create your own atmosphere.

You can also add accents such as wallpaper.

A spacious living room with a colonnade where the family gathers naturally

The bedroom is also like a roof, with a sloped ceiling and height, so it feels more open even in small rooms.

How about a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by trees?

Solid wood flooring feels comfortable even on bare feet

You can have a comfortable life.

If you are interested, we will show you other series in the exhibition hall.

Science Home Soka Exhibition Hall

1-1-10 Sakaemachi, Soka City, Saitama Prefecture