If you are considering ordering a house in Saitama Prefecture, please see the Soka Exhibition Hall.

2019/07/16 blog
Soka exhibition hall photograph

It is Wada of Science Home Soka store.

We introduce Soka exhibition space this time.

The Soka store is eight years old, and is the oldest of the four operating exhibition halls.

You can see the progress of the wooden house that you do not know in the new construction, and you can check "Change in color of pillars", "Scent of wood", "Soil, warp, crack" and so on.

Unlike large-scale buildings, such as luxurious facilities and large buildings, it has a land size of 30 tsubos, a building 27 tsubos and a real size.

Soka Exhibition Hall

1-1-10 Sakaemachi, Soka City

048-950-8715 Store Manager Wada