The shape of the land makes it easy to use! ?

2019/07/15 blog
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Hello Watanabe of science home.
I will write about the shape of the land this time.

Last time I wrote about the size of the land, but the shape is different even if the same basic number.
It is not limited to square lands like squares and rectangles.

There are lands that are square, but the part facing the road is narrow and elongated in the back, and even if it is land of the same area, there are differences in the ease of building. So, if you buy land to build a house, you must also consider the shape and choose it.



"What kind of land is there? "

Land shape

There are many types of land shapes.
Let's know each feature.

First of all, all lands can be divided into two parts, "shaped ground" and "shaped ground".



A land that has some shape, such as a rectangle or square.

It is possible to make effective use of the whole site on building houses etc. and also has the feature that it is easy to do house design because it is easy to do building design because there are few cases where building regulations are entered by the form of the land.

It also has the advantage that it is popular and easy to buy when selling in the future.

It may be a disadvantage that the purchase price is high because the value of use is high.



"The Irregular Land"
It is a generic term for land that is not a reshaped land, and refers to lands that are not well-formed, such as triangles and skewers with skewers, and shapes like flags.

Because the land evaluation is lower compared to reshaped land, it has the feature that tax rates such as property tax can be suppressed as well as purchase price. However, there are risks such as often not suitable for building, so please consider carefully.


[Triangle land]

Triangular land is difficult to utilize. Because it is easy to make useless space in the part of the vertex (the part of the corner)
It is from. It tends to be alienated because the shape and layout of the building are easily restricted.

If there are many faces in contact with the road, it may be better for daylighting. I want to be a unique home again
In the case of people, it may be felt that land costs are cheap.


[Deformed place]

It's various, but it's easier to use than a triangular land. However, the ease of use varies greatly depending on the angle of the corner and the length of one side.


[L-shaped flag fence place]

It is distinctive that there is a narrow front door that can be used only as an aisle. Because there is a neighboring house around the building construction area, it is often the case that the sun is bad depending on the direction in which the roof is located.

The ease of use of the flag base point is the width and length of the heel part. If this part can be used effectively, it can not be said that it is difficult to build a general shaped house.




If the shape is bad, the price of the land itself will be cheaper. However, there is a reason that it is difficult to build a building and it is difficult for buyers to get along.
This means that the conditions for building a building are not good. So, even if you can buy land cheaply, you need to take into account that there may be extra construction costs.

Depending on the size of the area where the building can be built, it may not be possible to build a general-purpose building that can be built on a well-shaped area. In that case, a special design may be required, and special fixtures may be required.
In addition, in the case of a small fenced area with a narrow frontage, there may be an increase in manual work and extra labor cost because the truck can not be placed near the construction site. In the case of a land of irregular shape, it may be possible that the construction work will cost money because the length of the fence may be long.

In this way, if the construction price is high because the shape is not perfected, the land cost will exceed the amount earned by the land cost, and it may be possible to lose on the contrary. It's very important.


At first glance, I do not know the total cost quite easily.

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