It is a blog of a company that gets a lot of trust in custom-made custom-made homes in Saitama

Science Home East Japan, which has built many custom-built houses mainly in Saitama Prefecture, proposes a living environment that makes the most of the attractiveness of trees. In order to keep the air quality of the room indoors and the sensation of temperature natural and comfortable, we use a real wall construction, solid wood interior fittings and flooring. We have a design system that allows you to choose the right one for each customer, so please get a reasonable new construction with high design and functionality. You can also feel the atmosphere of a home-based company building a custom house in Saitama from the blog.
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Saitama's construction company, which has a wealth of construction experience of custom-made houses, recommends a wooden house made of plenty of wood that is suitable for the Japanese culture. In the case of Mabuchi, where the inner wall is built by leaving the space for the air gaps in the building excellent in air tightness and heat insulation by pasting the heat insulating material on the outer wall without gaps, the pillars are out in the room, so the trees do not disturb the tree. The rainy season, typhoons, and even temperatures that cause condensation can also provide an ideal air environment. Solid wood, which is abundantly used for fittings and flooring, has been well received as it creates a comfortable living environment with a warm touch.
The results of building many custom-made housings mainly in Saitama, and the unique system based on experience is attractive because it is an original design that is best for each customer, so the design only for customers that are difficult to realize in other house makers Please leave the creation of an excellent home. As we guide you from the blog, you can see the state of the company that receives high evaluation even at high cost performance.