An expert group of wooden houses that build custom homes in Saitama

If it is an order house, Science Home East Japan of Saitama will realize an optimal wooden house for each customer. We have received great confidence that we can build a safe and well-designed wooden house at a reasonable price from the experience we have worked on so many properties and the deep knowledge about the features of wooden and wood. Made-to-order housing in Saitama, such as interior fittings and floorings that use solid wood taking advantage of the wisdom of predecessors that is perfect for Japanese culture, the beauty of trees, and the loneliness that continues to breathe as lumber If you think about it, please consider a new construction that fully incorporates the charm of trees.
Features of Science Home East Japan

There is a wealth of building experience of Makabe built house that was suitable for the climate and climate of Japan

Since Science Home East Japan, which works on many custom-made housings in Saitama Prefecture, adopts a Makabe structure that is also suitable for the humid climate of Japan, a comfortable air environment that is naturally arranged by breathing wood is attractive. In addition, solid floors and interior fixtures that make the most of the attractiveness of wooden buildings realize healthy and comfortable rooms as well as pillars throughout the house, so many voices of joy have led to savings in air conditioning and heating costs. It is
The building performance such as earthquake resistant strength corresponding to natural disasters such as earthquakes and heavy rains that are particularly concerned in recent years is also a company with a wealth of construction construction results of homes where you can live with peace of mind. We offer a free accommodation experience as well as a tour of the model room where you can expand the image of the charming house of wood before ordering. Please feel the atmosphere of the ideal residence while feeling with skin of every part of the wooden house in a relaxing environment only for the family.

Please consider a safe and secure housing that makes the most of the attractiveness of trees

In Science Home East Japan, which gives high praise to custom-built homes with attractive points of trees in Saitama, combining the frame of the building such as pillars and beams with the exterior wall panel that has been treated with outer insulation also makes the earthquake-resistant performance particularly concerned in recent years. We have designed and built a considerate wooden house. In addition, we propose a house that realizes a comfortable air environment in which every single pillar of wood breathes on a wall that is suitable for Japan, where dimmies and humidity tend to rise due to rainy season or condensation due to cold or warm differences. I will.
We will propose that each customer can be satisfied with a plan that is excellent in design that makes use of the results of building many wooden houses. If the new home is built due to changes in family structure or relocation due to work, etc., we propose a reasonable living environment according to your budget with the ability to protect important families and a comfortable living environment with natural wood Please feel free to contact a company that is well received for its cost performance.

The staff who accept consultation and construction of the custom house in Saitama has high technology.

If you have any questions in Science Home East Japan in Saitama about the construction of custom-made homes, please do not hesitate to contact us as it may be a trivial matter. The staff who learned from the traditional technology to the latest technology talks with the customer, and will make an effort so that you can leave the construction pleasantly. For those who want to know the character of the staff corresponding to the customer in the construction company, because we put the history and self-introduction on the staff page, you can see in advance.
We have built a variety of design homes using the traditional method of making meter modules where trees breathe properly and the technology of Makabe construction. Since we support the creation of a home where you can enjoy life while relaxing through the five senses, please choose a construction company that is reputed for its reputation and reputation.

Building companies in Saitama remove questions and concerns about custom homes

If you have a question on the order housing, you can ask if you can contact Science Home East Japan in Saitama, we will answer that you can understand properly. We have set up a construction schedule after giving a solid explanation before construction so that customers can wait for the end of construction with a feeling of excitement. We believe it is important to build a relationship of trust, so please do not hesitate to ask if you have any concerns or concerns.
We will build a house where you can live as if you are taking a forest bath while taking a rest in the space surrounded by the hinoki. We are pleased to hear that we have been able to spend more time with family members more meaningfully. Please contact us if you would like to order a residence that sounds like "I would like to return home when I'm tired" or "I was successful in building my home".


If it is an order house To science home East Japan of Saitama

We are contracted to request a custom home in Saitama

If you would like to build a custom apartment in Saitama that you do not regret, please contact Science Home East Japan, which offers appropriate advice based on our extensive experience. In order to build the housing that each customer wants, we have a time for hearing in detail about the request. If you think that you are anxious after entering the construction, we will talk with our customers until we are convinced that we will not regret that we should have done it.
If you are looking for a construction company that can handle the construction of custom homes around Saitama, please consider using it.