If you are considering custom housing in Saitama, there is an office with a wealth of experience in building a new wooden house

Science Home East Japan has a wealth of custom-built home construction experience in Saitama Prefecture, has confidence in the traditional Makabe tree house suitable for Japanese culture. High air tightness, high heat insulation, which also leads to saving of heating and air-conditioning cost A wall made with a wall insulation between the outer wall and the inner wall of the heat insulation, because the tree breathes, the indoor humidity is naturally adjusted, and a comfortable air environment is realized. To do. In addition, since Japan is prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, we are also trusted by the combination of frames such as pillars and beams and panels such as outer walls.
In addition, since the interior fixtures and floorings are made of solid wood that can be fully felt with the characteristics of the wood, it is well-received that you can spend time comfortably in the spring, summer, autumn, and winter. You can also see the flats and two-family homes, etc. that the company that knew the wood house actually built and installed, so you can also see them at the home exhibition hall, so please experience the pleasant space surrounded by trees. Many customers will be delighted to have built a high-performance house at a reasonable price with a design that makes the most of the attractiveness of trees that are different from one-handed or two-handed with a famous house maker. We also accept requests for materials, so please feel free to apply.

It is a company with a wealth of construction experience of custom-made housing based in Saitama


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Science Home East Japan

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Saitama Prefecture Saitama Prefecture Midori Ward Misono 2 chome 7-12

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Science Home East Japan has a wealth of experience in building new wooden custom-built homes in Saitama, and we are building and constructing from a single-story to a two-story building that makes the most of the attractiveness of wood. Air tightness, high heat insulation outer insulation There is a space between the outer wall and the inner wall of the heat insulation, and the air of the room is naturally adjusted by breathing wood. Please leave your new house to a company that earns a great deal of trust in custom-built homes that feel the power of nature in Saitama.

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Science Home Nagareyama Exhibition Center

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3-1-5 Miwanoyama, Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture 270-0175

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10:00 to 17:00

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Science Home Konosu Exhibition Center

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742 2 724, Hachimanda, Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture 365-0073

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Saturday and Sunday open at 10-17 o'clock

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Science Home Soka Exhibition Hall


〒340-0011 埼玉県草加市栄町 1-1-10

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First year Established as Sakai Urban Appraisal Office. Started real estate appraisal business
1990 Moved for business expansion in Higashi-Ikebukuro Business expansion by compensation appraisal and general appraisal of Tokyo
2000 Relocated to Higashi-Ikebukuro 2-chome for further business expansion Participated in RTS land evaluation system
2009 License application as a residential land building trader Changed company name to Green Co., Ltd. and moved location to Soka City, Saitama Prefecture, the current address
2010 We sell site for sale in 11 districts of Hikawacho, Soka City, etc.
2011 Join as Science Home Initial Member Relocate the head office to Soka-shi Yanozuka-cho and sell Sakae-Cho 9 blocks
2012 Soka Exhibition Hall Open Science Home East Japan Area Manager Appointed Kawaguchi City Higashikaizuka 11 divisions Soka city Nishicho 8 divisions and sales
2013 Konosu Exhibition Center Open 8 divisions of Sawa City Yanagishima Town
2014 Stay experience / start of rental space Sales including 5 districts in Tanizuka Town, Soka
2016 Entry into Chiba Prefecture Opened Nagareyama Exhibition Center
2016 Head office moved to Saitama City

Representative career

1995 to 15 Joined Central Housing Co., Ltd. Assigned to the sales department and selected for purchasing business. Purchase and development of large-scale sales for sale starting from the market development in the area of Keihin Tohoku (200 division class) I also work on it. Familiarity with development activities Experienced development activities of any and all patterns.
2004-21 Founded Seedhome as Senior Managing Director Even if it is a new contractor who can not raise funds at all, without the cooperation of the local contractor and the landlord's favor without the funds being thrown Sell the subdivision site to form the basis of the company's profit. Since then, he has always been at the core of company profits while in office.
2009- Appointed Representative Director of Green Corporation Aim to develop new businesses that meet the needs of the times. Finalized the financial results from the first year of office.
2012- Appointed Science Home East Japan Area Manager
2013 Aiming for further business expansion
There is a great deal of confidence in the construction of custom-made homes using trees in Saitama

Many of the building results of single-story buildings that can make the most of the charm of a wooden house

If you want to build a custom house in Saitama, consider building a wooden house that is kind to people and environment. For those who want to live in nature and those who want their children to grow freely, we have prepared a construction menu that can be recommended with confidence. Makabe House is a relaxation house where you can spend a stress-free life taking full advantage of the power of trees. You can choose from a wide variety of tree colors to enjoy the feeling of creating a cozy home with your own hands. We will respond to all kinds of designs such as Japanese-style modern design and Brooklyn style, making use of the experience that many people in Saitama have consulted about custom-made housing.
Because of the healing effect of wooden houses, some survey results have shown that children do not get tired compared to concrete and rebar. If you can build a home for your child's health, please consider the Makabe-style home built by Science Home East Japan, which offers consultation on custom homes in Saitama.

Building and constructing a large number of custom wooden houses in Saitama, Science Home East Japan is highly regarded for its single-story, two-story building that makes the best of wood. We are confident in the high seismic strength that results from the combination of a frame such as pillars and beams and an exterior wall panel that achieves high airtightness and high insulation with outer insulation. In addition, the Makabe structure is very attractive in that the disgusting air of rainy season and typhoons can be naturally adjusted to a comfortable air environment by breathing wood. As we use a lot of solid wood, such as old-style large pillars, interior fixtures and floor materials, we can receive favorable feedback that we can comfortably spend the year in each house where we breathe.
Because we are a company that has abundantly handled wood houses, we have a strong trust in the design and cost performance that make the most of the attractiveness of wood. Since we have built a system that can achieve more than 340,000 architectural designs by combining 4 steps based on years of experience, one house will be completed reasonable for customers who do not have any other. We also have a private exposition where you can experience the charm of a real wooden house at the housing exhibition, so please go out with your family. Please leave it to us when considering custom-made homes that feel the charm of trees in Saitama.