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We accept requests for custom homes in Saitama.

If you would like to build a custom home in Saitama that you will not regret, please contact Science Home East Japan, which provides accurate advice based on our extensive experience. In order to build the home that each customer is looking for, we set aside time to hear about your needs in detail. We will work with you until you are satisfied with the project, so that you will not have any concerns about the project or regret it after construction begins.
If you are looking for a construction company around Saitama that you can entrust with the construction of a custom home, please consider using us.


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Science Home East Japan has a wealth of experience in building new wooden custom-built homes in Saitama, and we are building and constructing from a single-story to a two-story building that makes the most of the attractiveness of wood. Air tightness, high heat insulation outer insulation There is a space between the outer wall and the inner wall of the heat insulation, and the air of the room is naturally adjusted by breathing wood. Please leave your new house to a company that earns a great deal of trust in custom-built homes that feel the power of nature in Saitama.

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The construction and design of the custom house can be left to Science Home East Japan in Saitama

Science Home East Japan, which has designed custom-made homes in Makabe in Saitama, will provide comfortable living while enjoying plenty of wood warmth. Because the house is built by fully utilizing high quality wood, it is possible to bring out the goodness of wood over time, and you can enjoy the transition to tasteful homes. People keep their memories of living with trees as genes, so they can live a peaceful life while feeling the sense of relaxation that is in the forest of cypress. If you are interested in a Makabe-style residence suitable for Japanese culture, please consider visiting the exhibition site where you can see the results of your custom home in Saitama.
Since we have a traditional design that can be said to be Japanese standard, we have asked for construction from seniors to younger ones. We will tell you the best installation plan according to your feelings from all kinds of options. The construction company that is constructing custom-made homes in Saitama will respond to a large house that can live in two households and a particular order, so please let us know your request.

The custom house of a construction company in Saitama is designed to make good use of wood

If you want to build a custom house in Saitama, consider building a wooden house that is kind to people and environment. For those who want to live in nature and those who want their children to grow freely, we have prepared a construction menu that can be recommended with confidence. Makabe House is a relaxation house where you can spend a stress-free life taking full advantage of the power of trees. You can choose from a wide variety of tree colors to enjoy the feeling of creating a cozy home with your own hands. We will respond to all kinds of designs such as Japanese-style modern design and Brooklyn style, making use of the experience that many people in Saitama have consulted about custom-made housing.
Because of the healing effect of wooden houses, some survey results have shown that children do not get tired compared to concrete and rebar. If you can build a home for your child's health, please consider the Makabe-style home built by Science Home East Japan, which offers consultation on custom homes in Saitama.